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Alkaline batteries are rechargeable ?

Alkaline batteries are a huge source of pollution worldwide and still remains the most frequently consumed type of batteries. They contains chemicals and are difficult to recycle, exposing the environment to highly corrosive acids and bases.
They are known as disposable, “single use” batteries.
However, a patent from 1981 depicted a device capable of regenerating them…

Based on this forgotten patent in the public domain (Karl Kordesch, 1981), Regenbox is a proof that the past does contain innovative forgotten treasures to help our energy transition, which could flourish again through open-source and modern makers communities.

A decentralized laboratory to test batteries :

Besides regenerating alkaline batteries, the RegenBox is used to collect data on the batteries available on the market. Through a community of RegenBox users, working as a “decentralized citizen laboratory”, running tests on their laptop, we have been able to measure the performances of batteries daily consumed to figure out which ones offer the best regeneration potentials.

Born in France in 2016, this project has been exhibited and presented in several countries worldwide. We also run workshops and educative programs with French universities, engineering schools and collectivities.



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