Do you know Yuka, the app that scans your food? Do you dream to scan your batteries and know their value for money? You are in the right place !

We are currently working on the publication of the first benchmark for alkaline batteries! This benchmark will aim to compare the different batteries on the market. Thus, the consumer can see more clearly about the quality of the product he wants to buy.

With a community of more than one hundred beta testers, we are testing batteries in order to achieve this benchmark as soon as possible. It is of course with the Regenbox that the battery tests are carried out!

The tests performed are simulations of discharging a battery in normal use. We ask the Regenbox to discharge the battery to a certain voltage.

At regular intervals, the program recovers the battery voltage and stores it in a file. Once the discharge is complete, we recover the data file. We then draw the curve of the test. So we get the capacity of the battery in milliampere-hour. This gives us indications on the quality of the battery.

Are you interested in the project? Want to be part of our community?

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You can also join our community of beta testers to help us perform the tests and publish this benchmark!