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RegenBox is a regenerator of alkaline batteries in open source. This regenerator is able to take data during the phases of charging and discharging a battery via a microcontroller. Thus, we are able to perform tests on various batteries, draw curves to extract essential information such as the total capacity of an alkaline battery, or identify the batteries that regenerate the best.

Technical Data

  • PCB + electronic components + Arduino nano ATmega328
  • Connectors
  • Test cells RegenBox wooden box (laser cutting and engraving)
  • Curve plot software

Hello to all future beta testers !

Do you like to tinker, experiment, welds do not scare you ?! Join the community of beta testers. Mount your RegenBox, get your batteries and start the tests! We will be happy to count you among more than 120 beta testers who perpetuate this fabulous project on a daily basis.

A mission that starts when you receive your Regenbox Kit !

Taking part in the RegenBox adventure is first and foremost receiving your own self-assembly kit. It will be a first step to understand with his own eyes the inner workings and components of the device. Well documented and easily achievable, this editing will solicit your apprentice-welder skills to realize the electronic card.

The mission of the Beta-Tester

Beta testers are the keystones of this project and mounting your kit will not be enough! We will need you to perform regular tests on alkaline batteries and then send us the results obtained to complete our large common database. Thanks to you, we will finally be able to highlight the dark world of the alkaline battery … So do not wait and take part with the whole community in this thrilling adventure!

Convinced? Become a beta tester

You have decided to embark on the adventure with us! Before you can order your kit, complete the online questionnaire below. This one will allow us to obtain the essential information to the delivery of the Regenbox! You will also find the video editing tutorial of the RégenBox which will give you an idea of ​​the work that awaits you!